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Patrick O’Shea is a recent graduate from Carnegie Mellon School of Drama with a BFA in Scenic Design, and is now working in TV and Film art Departments in Pittsburgh.


He was born and raised in Charlottesville, Virginia, where he developed a love of visual art, theater design, and an overarching passion for visual storytelling and community engagement with the arts. He is fascinated by finding ways of working visually to elevate narratives whether they be fantastical or grounded in the realities of our world, and loves to continue learning more from his ever-growing and varied list of collaborators and projects. In addition to filmed and theatrical design, Patrick is also interested in storyboarding, concept art, creature design, and other components of crafting unique visual worlds and stories. Outside of work, Patrick is an avid drawer, movie watcher, and comic book nerd, and honestly is just a nerd overall. 

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